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a disciple of satguru Dr. A. Nithiyanandam was initiated by our master into the system of Vasi Yoga in the year 1993. He is closely associated with our Guru and the instituation Anand Jothi. The wealth of experience he received by the grace of our master in the years of his association is more than information and he is sharing them with all in the form of articles. The articles are listed below with short intorduction and a link to navigate to the full articles.

Koodumalai -The Holy Place - Then and Now!

Historical-Epical-Mythological Importance of The Place

Koodumalai Village The place, a hamlet, known as Koodumala (colloquially called’koradumala), situated in Kolar district of Karnataka state, in Southern part of India is considered to be a holy and historical place in that, the place is associated with the great epic, ‘The Ramayana’/ the great sage, Agastya / the vijayanagara dynasty and the like! (In fact, the kolar district itself is associated with some or other episodes of the epic, ‘The Ramayana’).It is here a temple for the God Ganesha, with a huge size of the idol., said to have been installed several thousands years ago, by the Lords, Brhma, Vishnu and Shiva .It is also believed that the great sage Agastya resides here and worships the lord. The name of the place koodumala is derived from the usage,’koodatri’-meaning, ‘cluster of hills’.

'There are few caves on the hills surrounding the Ganesha temple. The main cave is alarger one that can accommodate about fifty people easily. It is believed that the sage Kaundinya(Maharishi) is residing even today there.Very recently a footpath with arrow marks at every turnings has been laid for the convenience of the visitors/devotees.'

The temple is situated in serene atmosphere, surrounded by a group of hills, adding beauty to the temple. While the statue (idol) of the lord is in existence since time immemorial, the temple appears to have been built by theVijayanagara Empire, several centuries back. Several episodes from the epic (Ramayana) are sculpted on the pillars inside the temple. Koodumalai view Our master was a native of the Kolar district and that he should have visited this place long before his disciples have come to know (of such a place of importance)! Doctor used to accompany his disciples for Koodumala or send them there as and when he wanted them to pay a visit there. He has said that this place is a holy one. The inhabitants hail mostly from the lower strata of society and are casual labourers/ doing menial job.Someof them are marginal farmers. As such, our guru yearned for their emancipation and development of the village. This small village is situated amidst hills with agricultural lands at the bottom, thus presenting beautiful scenery all around.

The Place-A Home Away From Home

As stated earlier, Doctor took the disciples to Koodumala and stayed with them there for sometime. On one such occasion, in the month of march1987,he accompanied about fifteen of hidear-ones(disciples),for a day’s visit It is on that occasion that he gave the name Anand Jothi’ to the establishment ‘that would propagate truth in his name’. AnandJothi Ashram at Koodumalai Until May 1997, there was no regular place for the disciples to stay overnight and they had to either leave the village the same day or stay elsewhere. Whenever we paid a visit to the place we were allowed to stay overnight inside the temple (as some ladies were there with us) and to our surprise (and safety!?), a group of police personnel with guns were also seen staying overnight along with us! .Thanks to Doctor and Divine Mother, atlast came to be established in June 1997an abode, haven –the Ashram, named after the establishment with the joint efforts of Hari and Mahesh amidst a grand gathering of the disciples of doctor. From then on, the problem of stay having eased, frequency of visit by the disciples to the holy hamlet too has increased. Thus, we have our home-away from the home, where the disciples derive peace and satisfaction comfort and tranquility.

Koodumalai-AsWe Saw Then And See Now

Parvathi Temple at Koodumalai The village then, was bereft of basic amenities such as, water, electricity, proper road, transportation etc .Development, one after another came up, mainly after ,probably in late 90’s. Over head tank was built and pipelines for water were provided at the streets, thus ending a long travel of the villagers to far off places to fetch water. Then laid were proper roads and street lights. Frequency of bus service has also increased over the years, besides added services of van, jeep etc.

Any outsider to the village was invariably thronged by the locals, be it an old man/woman, small boys/girls begging for alms that represented /reflected the poor state of the villagers. Over the years, surprisingly the crowd abegging after the visitors has decreased and whether this is due to their increased means of income is not known. .However, it portends a good symptom. There was hardly any shop worth mentioning earlier. Over the time, many shops, telephone booth and telephone facility have come up Cable T.V and other modern facilities have started entering the village. By and large, the village is improving a lot year over year.

'A government Primary-Secondary school is also functioning ,and as compared to earlier years, students strength has increased manifold, thus indicating the fact that the village children turn to school education realising the value of education. The state government has also provided about 20 personal computers and a teacher to impart computer education at the school.'

Number of visitors from even far off places to the Ganesha temple goes on increasing year after year and the village is thus becoming famous and active. Marriages also take place within the temple premises, conducted by the outsiders that show the efficacy of the deity. Land value also increases commensurate with the ever-increasing activity of the village, thus giving relief to the land owners who were hitherto ‘so called land lords’.
Once a sleepy, poor hamlet is steadily turning into an active, better positioned village!

In short, the dream and aspirations of our master are getting fulfilled- slowly and steadily. It is not far off when the holy village becoming self-sufficient, famous and what not!
By Jani
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