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Mr. Janakiraman

a disciple of satguru Dr. A. Nithiyanandam was initiated by our master into the system of Vasi Yoga in the year 1993. He is closely associated with our Guru and the instituation Anand Jothi. The wealth of experience he received by the grace of our master in the years of his association is more than information and he is sharing them with all in the form of articles. The articles are listed below with short intorduction and a link to navigate to the full articles.

Without You I Exist Not!

Master ready to initiate

The Catalyst

Herein I would like to share my association with my Master,( we address Him’ Doctor’), my experiences, observations,( also co-related, parallel experiences/observation of some others) and so on and so forth-a small contribution in token of my deep love and gratitude for my Master. In fact, I am the instrument (Pen) and He being the writer!. The fact is, even if all his disciples and loved -ones write or speak about him in different dimensions as they have observed and experienced/ as shown to them, picture will be only incomplete and partial. If I say that he is an embodiment/personification of love, compassion and the like, it would not suffice. Tip of the ice berg!

At this juncture I wish to mention about a biography on the Master by one of the ardent disciples, Mrs. Shobana Ravi, titled “THE CATALYST” which is elaborate, interesting, and a “Must Not Miss” work! This book covers not only the biography of the Master and the observations and rich experiences of the author as also a wide range of matters/subjects such as ,,Self, Ego, Mind, Love, Illusion, The Law of Karma and it’s intricacies , the Secret of Breath, Vasi- Yoga(the method),other’s experiences and so on. As such, it is a kind of treatise encompassing very minute subject matters ,unfolding hidden, ‘not known --to many’ secrecies ,thus throwing open the doors for benefit of humans irrespective of caste,creed,religion etc.

The Institution - Anand Jothi

Of the organization, it is known as ‘ANAND JOTHI’, founded by Dr.Nithyanandam is based on the twin principles-twin eyes –of SATHYAM (The Truth) and DHARMAM (Righteousness.).The motto is ‘all religions/their Gods are one’. That is,-‘BISMILLAH REHMAN HARI, HALLELUJAH, OM NAMASIVAYA’.The Truth is;-“The same Lord is the Fountain Head of all Religions of the world.”(Quote: The Catalyst).The Master proclaims,” My path is towards God. Join me with faith. I shall take you with me”


At one stage I had reached a point –the point of breakdown when he entered my life, nay, he embraced me into his fold like Jesus embracing the little lamb in His arms. That was the time I was in search of any spiritual organization that would give me shelter and solace and guidance in life. I made a visit to some of the established, renowned spiritual organizations and discussed with the responsible persons and yet, somehow something in me did not give green signal. I, for that matter cannot say a word against those guiding centres for, they are genuinely engaged in guiding the aspirants spiritually. So restless I was, so was I strong and determined in my efforts to quench the insatiable thirst. Who else can come to my rescue (except Doctor)? I was like a fish out of water!. All my efforts having failed and as my longing grew from more to more, I visited the Anjaneya temple only to beg to Him to show me the way. It continued every day.


The cry of the heart moved the kind heart of Anjaneya, and my Master too that, one day I had the answer!. Here, I have to say, Doctor has different methods to attract his loved ones to his fold.. In my and my wife’s case he used his publication in Tamil titled ‘ANNAIYIN ARUL VAZHI’.A neighbour of ours lent this book to my wife asking her to read and return in two days. Reading the book she turned like a mesmerized person that she strongly recommended to me to go through the book without fail. She was in a sort of ecstasy. Her ecstatic words promptly prompted me to follow suit. Even while reading the book I was so captivated and too excited..I cannot better describe my reaction in words as the experience is purely personal and from heart.!. We both begged to our neighbour (Shri. Mugundarajan) to take us immediately to the person who wrote the book as our urge was so strong .Then he explained that the book is published by a spiritual organization called ANAND JOTHI and one Doctor Nithyanandam is the master. He assured us that he would arrange for a meeting through his office colleague (Shri. Narasimhan) and he did so.

Search Over

We were ,first given the Flame Meditation on the 24th Feb’1993 and taught VASI YOGA on the 6th March(1993).Thus, my search ended ,ending my journey to find the TRUTH!

However, somehow I could not meet my master since 24th (Feb’93) and I did it on the day of initiation. I went to his clinic in the evening ,after the initiation , for the first meeting in this birth .A simple person not having any sign of a typical Guru( spiritual master) or even as a practicing physician/surgeon!. He had so many titles in his profession as an allopathic doctor and yet, such a simplicity, humility!  On seeing him I realized that it was He who I had been after (and not any other, as my heart had already cognized/ recognized Him intuitively) Love at first sight! The meeting was simple and yet memorable. He made a deep impact in me. Having been blessed with a guru (master) and got initiated, my joy knew no bounds. I was flying in the air like a happy bird or a blessed angel! He who follows his loved ones in all their births has followed me in this birth too and taken me back at the proper time. To quote from ‘The Catalyst’:” He came to me when I was drowning in the whirlpool of despair. He came to me like spring after a very long winter. He came to me, when, like every spiritual aspirant, I was looking for the guide on whom I could pin my faith and let things happen.—“. And-“Here was a man who knew what he spoke and spoke only what he knew”. And—“As soon as I saw him, I stood awe-struck, as wave after wave of sweet relief drenched and soothed my tired mind. I had found him atlast.The search was over. How long, how long ,how many births perhaps, had I waited for Him .All those thorns of longing and despair now turned into a valley of dancing flowers ,singing with the breeze the refrain of joy”.

Impact Of His And Form

It’s a fact that, since I came into contact with him-from the moment I saw him, I have been thinking of him, day in-day out, even while performing duties! One may brand me as an eccentric if I tell  the fact that, even while working in the office I used to pull out the table drawer frequently to see his photograph! This love is not like an ordinary one between two humans- but of a Jeevatman (Human being) to the Paramatman (God) that is ever-lasting! On several occasions, his very name, the very thought of him will lead into ecstasy that tears would roll down the cheek! That moment –the mind, the body and the Soul –all, together fall in same line- in the same wave length, experiencing something that cannot be translated into words-a kind of intoxication? Here, I have to quote from ‘The Catalyst’: ‘How can a name, a mere name thrill the ‘Self’ to such an octave in ecstasy? How can a form silence the mind and drink of the heart so absolutely? His name and form did this!’

Pangs Of Separation

I had to be away from Madras (Chennai) for a year on official transfer and that I was misfortunate to be physically away from him. However much I had frequent talks with him over phone and made frequent visits to him in-between, the separation was unbearable to me. Doctor was also not happy either, it seemed. I understood from my co-disciples that he often used to mention my name. Whenever I happened to see the moon, I would be thinking that the same moon, Doctor would be seeing at Chennai.Nostalgia! It was a sort of home-sickness- pangs of separation from my most beloved. It may be pertinent to quote a passage from ‘The Catalyst’:”---Murali (my colleague) introduced Doctor to me. I rose from my seat as spontaneously as Pilate did when Christ walked in. ---When he rose to leave I felt a sudden pang of despair.” Whoever happens to come into contact with Doctor for whatsoever reason, he cannot but get attracted to him, as iron to magnet! So also any disciple of his should be uncomfortable when they have to be away from his vicinity even for a short while! This was the case even when one was locally available, yet not able to see him .The lovers of God-great Saints, great disciples and devotees from the Hindu religion as well as the Sufi saints from the Islam have sung in various languages –not only in praise of their beloved (ie., God) but of their pangs of separation and longing for re-union with Him!

The Saviour

The Master (Sat guru)is a Trikal Gnani (one who comprehends all the three Times , namely, the past, the present and the future ).It is God who descends on earth in the garb of a human master to protect, guide, lead and give succour to the spiritual aspirants. As such, he is God incarnated on earth. He is the father, the mother, the master and verily the God. He is also omni-present-potent and omniscient. For, he is present at all places wherever his disciples are present/located irrespective of distance, takes care of their security 24/7 ,protects them from on-coming dangers, gets connected to their mind at all times. He resides in their minds and guides, speaks, corrects or admonishes through inner voice! Doctor used to say that Time and Distance are no matter for him.

Transformation In A Disciple

Since coming into contact with Doctor I could listen to the voice –inner (inside) more clearly and I cannot afford to ignore its warnings and admonishing tone that I have but to correct myself lest the voice of the conscience and the pricking sensation as a result should become unbearable. Whatever be the actions (sinful or otherwise) done without conscience and what soever way the person lived his life prior to embracing the path of Doctor, he, the Master, out of compassion and love ignores his follies and accepts the person as his disciple. Whatever Karma earned out of such actions in innumerable births would be frozen/stagnated as such, that will have to be burned by him with the method (Vasi Yoga-the secret of Breath) taught by the Master. Such a person, once initiated into the path of Satyam (The Truth) and Dharmam (Righteousness) will not add new Karmas from then on as he starts burning the Karma (effects of action) as and when it accrues, thereby nullifying accumulation. Needless to say that he will not indulge in activities that are contrary to/ incompatible to the True path that he has started treading .Here, he is solely guided by his own conscience against which he cannot act or suppress it besides being connected to the ever-watchful Master.

Karma (Action And Result)

The word ‘Karma’ in the Sanskrit language can be defined in two ways; that is to say, ‘performance of an action ‘and, two,’fruit (result) of an action.’ As one performs, so he earns a fruit as a result. According to the law of Karma, inaction earns (bad) Karma.. Good action-good karma and bad action-bad karma. Sir Newton’s law that’ for every action, there is an equivalent, opposite reaction ‘applies here. One cannot be in-active. .Any one has but to perform (an action).By performing any act or one’s duties, he earns Karma-fruit of action. Whether good karma, or a bad karma that he earns-results in continuation of the cycle of births and deaths, resulting in agony and ecstasy! Then, how to cause /achieve cessation of the cycle and attainment of liberation? By following that Bhagawan Shri Krishna has advocated in His “Bhagavat Gita – that is,” Do your duties without craving for the fruit (reward)’-otherwise called ‘Nishkamya karmam’

Burning Of Karna - Master's Role

” Here the Master (also) helps the disciple in the process (of burning/dissolving the karma) To quote from’ The Catalyst’, “The spiritual Master (Doctor), when he accepts a disciple, takes upon himself the task of delivering the disciple from the cycle of birth and death”. Of undertaking such a dreadful task single-handedly, he asserted, “And I will do it by hook or crook” (The Catalyst).. In this connection, it is a fact that not all the masters take upon themselves the task of shouldering the responsibility of alleviating the karma of the disciples as well as their lives, for this is not an easy work/job. Many masters may shudder to even think of it! Doctor has been sacrificing all His life, time, energy, and everything for the sake of his beloved ones-silently .without bragging, without trumpeting. Most of the masters/religious heads have only devotees and not disciples and they simply bless their followers with materialistic answers and do not take care of their lives like what our master does. “He (Doctor) is suffering for us (disciples).Having taken us into his fold he bears our burden as well. Doctor said that he would allow the disciples to take as much as they can withstand. what they cannot withstand, he takes it upon him.”(The Catalyst).The author-disciple( The Catalyst) when posed a question to the great Sage, Shri.Atri Maharishi (the first among the Saptarishis-seven great sages who control the universe)as to why Doctor has to suffer so much, replied that he(Doctor) will have to bear the burden till some more who can share it arrives!.(When?).As such, the disciples can co-operate with their guru by not doing things contrary and, following in letter and spirit that he has preached so that additional burden is not added on his shoulders.

Karma - How Master Acts / Acid Test

How does the Guru act for liberating his chela (disciple) from the cycle of birth and death? To quote from’ The Catalyst;-:” however beautiful and apparently orderly, illusion has to be cut asunder for one to be liberated. The Guru does it for his chela (disciple) unhesitatingly and very methodically, extricating him little by little and sometimes in one sweep from the clutches of illusion. ----He walks with his chela step by step, switching his chela’s attention from one illusion to the another illusion less dangerous and less karma---prone, until the chela is mature enough to understand the implications of naked truth. The Guru does it very deftly, making use of every little detail about his chela’s life, nay lives –past, present and future. He picks up loose threads of desires and dislikes from the lives of his chela and ties them all up into very imaginative but cumbersome knots, so that it becomes a full time occupation for his chela to ponder over the axioms of life and untie the knots. The chela cannot wander anymore and he need not be afraid that he may go astray. Every event in his life worth mentioning is planned by the guru. The roads that may lead him away from truth are blocked and the right roads remain adamantly open. The guru is absolutely responsible for the happenings which are worthwhile in the life of the chela –all that a chela has to do is to allow himself and the master’s bidding in total faith come what may. That is the acid test!”.

Doctor - A -Living Example

Our Doctor set his life an example for his disciples and common men alike to follow! He lived his life as an ordinary person, even doing household works assisting his wife, while performing his duties as a doctor diligently. He was/is kind, compassionate, generous, patient, soft, Simple and humble!. His eyes would reflect compassion, his soft words convey love, his actions display generosity, patience, tolerance, simplicity and humility! I have wondered at his display of patience and humility even at the moments of humiliation for no fault of his at the hands of some or the other. I asked him why he should not have reacted angrily and he replied “he would not bear it (it’s effect).’.. On some occasions he displayed anger that would not last longer, like a water bubble. He would say that one should act/pretend to be angry but not to be angry! Words fail to bring out in expression the love flowing through his eyes or the compassion from his heart.

Doctor's Dosage Of Advices

Doctor used to administer the dosages of his advice simply, softly, clearly that will be recorded in the mind once and forever. He is the cause and effect in the sense he is the question and the answer! He used to say often that way. Not only did he answer directly, also he used his disciples an answering machine! When once I asked him that we would like to hear from him than any disciple answering to any one’s queries, he confirmed that he only answers through some or the other. He would advise the disciples to follow that he preaches or says and the rest he would take care of.. His another advice is to be same both inside and outside.( no pretensions).’Make use when the wind is favorable”(.Make hay while the sun shines’) is his oft-repeated advice. ‘Judge not”,’ Bury your intelligence’, ‘Don’t regret, but repent’ and the like are some of the many simple dosages of advice by him. ‘Difference between’ regretting’ and’ repenting’ is, in the case of the former act, it is just oral and chances of repetition of the mistake is likely, while in the latter case, it is the realization of one’s mistake that he will never do it again!. Of facing any problem,, he advised not to run away from it but to stand firm and face it boldly that it will run away in panic! ‘Shun fear”, he used to say. Once when I was in deep distress, he patted me on the back assuring that he was there and that he would take care of things. Recalling such acts of kindness, love and compassion and added HyperLink care, my heart moves in gratitude. He was also very much against women- suppression/oppression and even admonished some disciples for such an act against womenfolk in their houses in the name of austerity.Hw preached against harbouring ill-will ,jealousy ,fault-finding, double-talk, back-biting ,pride, prejudice etc.,He,on one occasion remarked that he could make even a piece(of wood/iron)write! The implication is that no one should feel proud of oneself or look down upon others for his talents whatsoever, for, without Him they cannot perform (like this).He never boasted of his achievements nor was after praise or flattery.

Doctor's Guidance

“One cannot sail in two boats”, Doctor would say-meaning, one cannot adopt different systems at a time. In other words, one should follow any one system under one master lest confusion only. Doctor would liken himself as that of a boatman who carries the passengers to their destination. “Don’t stand or dance on the boat, for it would tumble resulting in causing risk to not only himself also to all travelers Just sit calmly and I take you to the destination safe.”, he would say. He exhorted on the disciples to extend only love to their spouses and children and not to develop attachment as the latter creates bondage and resultant pain and suffering. This will also come in the way of the disciples’ ‘journey to the goal. However, when once the author of the above-referred book asked Doctor whether attachment to the master (by the disciple) is bondage, he replied in the negative. Doctor is possessive of his disciples as is well known! He once said that he took pains to collect this group!.